Evil Bird Studios

World Domination, one game at a time.

As of right now we are not hiring. We still need time to process the new studio/website, and also get everything situated. We may look to hire new artists in film making. Due to our low budget as of now, our positions are not for pay. Most of the positions available are simple video editing, music editing, and writers. 

All these positions do not require you to be in the studio, but at your home computer. These positions as of right now are only open to Youtube videos as well. We can't process or design games until we have been fully licensed. Until that day arrives we will try to continue our Youtube related connection, and move forward as time sees fit.

I'm grateful for your interest in joining Evil Bird Studios. If you still wish to be apart of the community and/or Team then please keep following our status. We are always looking for helpful hands when it comes to making the content better for the community that's apart of it.


Joshua McClain (Renown Recon)

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